The Wolves and the Mandolin (ForbesBooks) by Founder Brandon Vallorani

The Wolves and the Mandolin (ForbesBooks) by Founder Brandon Vallorani

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Follow entrepreneur and author, Brandon Vallorani, as he shares legend-worthy stories of his Italian-American ancestors’ humble beginnings.

Delivering the business and life philosophies that have culminated in one of his companies being a 5-time honoree on the Inc. 5000 list, Brandon demonstrates how you, too, can pursue, life, liberty, and the American dream.

Regardless of your beginnings, you have the right to pursue your dream of a better life—a certain way of living and a legacy that will extend for generations. So, what—or who—is getting in your way?

Certainly not Brandon Vallorani, who in his American Dream success story, The Wolves and the Mandolin, reminisces on his family’s humble beginnings that will inspire you to pursue the Mandolin Moments in your life with great ambition. Sharing his adventures as a successful entrepreneur and dedicated family man, as well as his philosophy in business and management, Brandon concludes with the path that led him to develop a quality brand.

The Vallorani Estates brand serves as an intense reminder that you can celebrate the privilege of life in style—and that to work, pursue, and maintain that life with vigor is an honor of the highest.

Now, sit back, relax, and prepare to be entertained, inspired, and armed to find and enjoy your Mandolin Moments as you enjoy this Amazon bestseller released by ForbesBooks in 2017.

“Don’t miss this book chock-full of amazing stories and life lessons!” Scott F.

“Prepare to be educated, inspired, and entertained simultaneously.” Monica L.