Honor System .50 CAL LIGHTER

Honor System .50 CAL LIGHTER

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.50 Caliber Refillable Lighter


Top of the line Clipper lighter is enclosed in a real 50 caliber BMG casing!

  • Refillable butane clipper lighter with adjustable flame
  • Made in the USA
  • Lighter is good for 3000 uses
  • Soild brass
  • Gold metal gift case

How do you refill this lighter? Just pull the lighter out of the casing and you can refill as well as adjust the flame.

Can I refill this with butane or do you need some type of different fuel? You can refill with regular off the shelf butane.


It's a clipper lighter in a .50 BMG brass case, which is really cool. It's one of the high-end metal clipper lighters, I've had good luck with the cheaper plastic version so I expect this to work for a long time. Even if the lighter fails, I can just pull this one out and drop a new one into the brass case.

The 'case' is the main reason I bought this, and I'm super happy. It looks great, it's heavy with a low center of gravity, and the shell casing doesn't attract fingerprints. The case also prevents casual misuse of the flame adjustment, and encourages you to stand it vertically. Much harder to lose it, or forget that it's in a hand or pocket!