The Trump 45 Cigar Bundle
The Trump 45 Cigar Bundle
The Trump 45 Cigar Bundle
The Trump 45 Cigar Bundle
The Trump 45 Cigar Bundle

The Trump 45 Cigar Bundle

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This bundle presents a Trio of Trump gear including one that is straight out of the humidor! An exquisite Trump cigar, and the freshly roasted #47 Coffee Roast, available as whole bean or ground and a hardcover Trump 45 book: A pictorial history of America’s greatest president, Donald Trump. This bundle offers a unique combination of a premium cigar, freshly roasted coffee, and a comprehensive book- all in celebration of President Trump's impressive legacy.

About the Book:

A pictorial history of America’s greatest president, Donald Trump.

Donald Trump took “the road less traveled” upon his inauguration as America’s 45th President. Trump did not go to Washington to get along. He went to work for the American people. The photos between the covers of this book document Donald Trump doing more for this country than any other president in this century. See him negotiate trade deals, speak to Congress, work for every day Americans, make peace with foreign leaders, and bring troops home from overseas. Trump 45: The Greatest American President gives unprecedented access to the man who sacrificed so much for so many people.

Wall Street Journal Bestseller!

About the Cigar:


Straight out of the humidor! Limited availability. We are releasing 40 Single Trump Cigars just in time for Christmas. These won’t last long. Order now.

The CEO of Vallorani Cigars, Brandon Vallorani, is honored to release The Trump "Take America Back!" Churchill — an exquisite Old World cigar dedicated to re-electing our 45th President, Donald J. Trump to a second term in 2024. Why? Because we all believe President Trump really won in 2020! We encourage you to light one up in celebration of President Trump’s historic election and all of his accomplishments as well as your own. Most liberals abhor cigars and everything else that's great. This is your chance to blow smoke in their faces and let them know the 2024 Red Wave is coming for them.

Handmade in one of the best tobacco growing regions in the world, Nicaragua, Trump 2020 Churchills (6.5" x 48) are the cigar world’s best-kept secret. The medium to full body flavor is delivered by the combination of Nicaraguan and Dominican long fillers, Mexican binders, and a beautiful San Andres Maduro leaf - also grown in Mexico.
This is one of the finest cigars to ever reach the U.S. market. 60% of the brands on the market today, whether well known or not, depend on no more than 10 factories that are currently in Nicaragua, Honduras and the Dominican Republic. Brandon Vallorani’s partner, who shall remain unnamed for now, personally sources and oversees the production of our boutique cigars from these factories. Since 1996, he has recruited the finest Cuban rollers to Miami, Florida who have brought with them the old techniques and qualities of hand-rolled Cuban cigars used in Habana, Cuba before the Revolution in 1959.

Size: Churchill 6.5 x 48
Wrapper: Maduro – Mexico, San Andrés
Binder: Ecuador
Filler: Dominican Republic; Nicaragua
Quantity: Premium Single Cigar

About the Coffee:

After countless roasting sessions and tasting cup after cup of coffee, we settled on a combination of medium-roasted and light-roasted beans (we suspect James Madison made his the same way). The resulting blend is technically known as a mélange, but we still call it a blend; one in keeping with the diverse and blended nature of our favorite constitutional republic.

  • 12 oz whole bean or ground
  • Freshly roasted coffee
  • Origin: Barahona and Sumatra and Ethiopia
  • Flavor: Creamy, smooth with a light fruit note

We hope you enjoy this roast as much as we do every day of the week: Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Wednesday!